Getting your mobile images on your wall

Whether you want Glass prints, canvas prints or just some great wall décor it is easy to turn images on you phone into wall art. Just as you might have a  favourite café, take time to find the right wall art supplier for your home décor. Here are a few tips

  Choose one with a physical New Zealand address. 

Freight will be less, communication generally will be better, English will be their first language and if anything goes wrong you have lots of options to put it right. 


Choose one with a clean and simple upload system. 

 All operators should offer easy uploads from Your photos, Facebook, Instagram, etc. If the system does not seem simple to use it may well have a problem, so I suggest you use someone else..

Rokit Creations believe that we have a very simple upload system.  Send us your feedback if you think we can make improvements


Choose a size that fits the shape of the photo you want


Correctly choosing landscape or portrait is critical.  On the Rokit Creations  all sizes can be selected as either Landscape or Portrait. Get this right and the rest will follow

You don’t need to do fancy manipulations

Cropping, zooming, etc can be done on our website BUT YOU DON’T HAVE TO. In fact in most instances, you are best to let us do it for you. If you have a high-resolution image and choose the right shape just simply upload it and complete the process.

Our moneyback warranty gives you full protection