Does my mobile phone take good enough photos canvas prints or Glass wall art

At Rokit Creations, we get this question all the time and the answers are simple. If your phone is less than 3 years old it definitely does, if it’s older than 3 years then it probably does too.

We know you feel bombarded with questions like 

  • What is DPI?
  • Are my images high DPI?
  • What size can I print?
  • Will my image come out blurry when I print a larger size?

The great thing about Rokit is that you don’t have to know the answers to any of this, this is our job and the Rokit Guarantee covers you. if it turns out that your image can’t be made into a good quality wall art print then our moneyback guarantee covers you for a full refund. 

You can get started on turning your photos into wall art by just following a simple 4 step process

  • Choose the medium you want, Acrylic Glass, Canvas or Framed Art Board
  • Choose a size. Remember the shape of your image will be either Landscape or Portrait so the size you choose must reflect this.
  • Click “Get Started”
  • Select an image from your system and choose open


When the image appears, there is a zoom bar at the bottom. You can use this to zoom in a little bit.  The more you zoom the lower quality your image will be so use this bar sparingly.

That’s it. Easy as. Give it a go and see what happens. Remember everything is covered by our moneyback guarantee anyway